The problem, I think, is that the cooler was sucking the air directly away from the intake fan on the bottom of my poorly designed Toshiba, thereby negating the effects of the computer cooling system. What are your symptoms? Just thought i might add a little advice! I have searched the net for a long time now. Remove the hard drive and turn on the laptop. As soon as you turn on the laptop, pres on ESC key. While I had the computer dismantled, I also applied the Artic Silver five but I am not sure I applied it on the right place.

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Before you buy a new CPU fan, try if you can access it in your laptop. However, I took out the HSF and did not see any clogging.

I would toshiba satellite m35 s359 try using the grease recommended by Toshiba. Hi, I have an AS laptop and it overheats after 10 minutes and turns off.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

Oh my Toshiba satellite m35 s359 I travel all over the world with my laptop and could not figure out why it was shutting down. It might be a software problem. Blow inside the openings on the bottom toshiba satellite m35 s359 the laptop until the dust stop coming from the openings on the side. Thanks for any help!

For anyone who has taken-apart a Toshiba Satellite A75 series mine is an AScan you tell me what kind of motherboard is in it…Brand, partetc?

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

Hey Justin, If you can give me the model-part number from the bottom of your laptop for example: So for me, I think the new thermal compound from Arctic Stellite did the trick. Again thanks so much I will tell toshiba satellite m35 s359 my friends about this place!

I am planning on getting compressed air to clean out the fans. Have you, or has anyone, tried this program or know if it works at all?

Try it and let me know how it goes. Do you know if Toshiba is doing anything to make this right?

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

toshiba satellite m35 s359 It was only after some thinking i noticed that the usually loud fan was quiet and that the back and keyboard were unusually hot. I reassembled everything works except one. As of now the unit is not under warranty. Thank you for the suggestions!

Call Toshiba customer service line at and ask them if they can sell you one. I tried reformatting the Linux partition and installing a different Linux distribution.

Try searching for the model Series instead of the exact model number, example: I have a toshiba satellite s laptop. I decided to retry applying the ceramique paste. I would try to upgrade the BIOS to the latest version.

My TE will occasionally shut down by itself, so I thought it is due to overheating. You assistence is greatly appriciated. As for a laptop cooler—I have tried one of these and it actually caused my computer to shut down more quickly than without. Toshiba satellite m35 s359 used a shop tosgiba to satellkte the dirt out then I followed the instructions and applied Artic Silver to the cpu. The fan kicks in, but after a toshiba satellite m35 s359 seconds the computer goes silent. The PSP26U models above can also use the 2.

Check if all cables are properly connected.

I think I repaired over a hundred Toshiba satellite m35 s359 and A75 laptops but cannot memorize where it could be located. Say annually, to clean the toshiba satellite m35 s359 and fans? CJ, Thanks for all the help. When you upgrade the BIOS, you should run the laptop from AC adapter power, because if the battery is not charged and it dies during the upgrade you might have a problem.

All above mentioned screens should fit your laptop without any problem not sure about K My Toshiba Satellite MX35 laptop worked fine for a week after cleaning the heatsink with compressed air and reapplying silver thermal grease following the instructions given in this website.

I am pretty sure that you will fix the unexpected shutdown problem by cleaning the heatsink and replacing the thermal grease. Iit had a tiny bit of lint, but really not very toshiba satellite m35 s359 lint in there — certainly not enough to completely cover the grating anywhere.

This jack is for 65 watt AC adapters.