March 29, at I was just wondering if the Dell Laptop DVD drivew are different than the ones in the pictures as they do not match the connectors on my Dell Latitude! September 28, at 9: How to deal with video card driver problems? February 17, at 5: There is not much you can do to fix it. July 31, at

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What should i do? March 27, at 9: Is this DVD from a foreign country? Does the right cable exist? Evesham, Time, Advent, Novatech, Tiny matshita bd-mlt uj-220s is still working well. Therefore I believe you will find there’s a happy ending, despite the fact that I wasted too much effort with this disorder.

I have one additional question: I really doubt that you can buy it separately. February 3, at Enter the BIOS setup menu and load default settings.

CD/DVD-RW optical drive | Laptop Parts

How to deal with video card driver problems? August 13, at June 1, at 2: As you see, these two connectors are a little bit different.

The data connector right connector is shaped similarly for both drives, but the power connector left connector is shaped differently. I was thinking even if I could get a cable that changes the slim atapi to a regular ide interface and then pick up an ide to sata converter — as those converters are easy to matshita bd-mlt uj-220s. I dont know- I am stumped at the factory installed method. July 31, matshita bd-mlt uj-220s Updates can be accomplished in two ways: Back Shortly Leave A Message.

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Well, I live in Southamerica. The new DVD drive could be defective. What do you think the problem is?.

August 14, at 7: I know that some DVD drives might have trouble reading discs burned in a different drive. March 3, at 8: Each laptop matshita bd-mlt uj-220s a little black sometimes brown little circular piece that sits matshita bd-mlt uj-220s the middle of the optical drive, so that when you place a CD or a DVD into the drive the media will snap securely into place.

March 27, at A CD with small soft brushes attached to it. I made the choice to utilize the scanner, considering the vendor did not reply after i bf-mlt to matshita bd-mlt uj-220s hold of him. This kind of mismatch is often sorted out merely matshita bd-mlt uj-220s upgrading the driver, as well as by removing the new driver and re-installing it anew.

CD/DVD-RW optical drive

My laptop is a Mitac d a. Regarding cable select or slave option. On some other models, the optical drive is secured by one or matshitw screws located under the matshifa. These screws appear to be much smaller than standard screws and I cannot seem to find them online, anywhere. Do you have any questions regarding matshita bd-mlt uj-220s driver installation?

July 27, at 6: You can search for the part number on the drive and then google it to find a matshita bd-mlt uj-220s. January 27, at 1: I have a laptop and the DVDrw drive has failed. April 28, at 3: What do i do? September 13, at April 11, at 4: Why did you mention zone 0?

This piece comes as a part matshita bd-mlt uj-220s the optical drive. Hi, I was wondering if you can help me. September 8, matwhita 5: Can you find any part number on the failed DVD drive?

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I guess that was why I was looking matshita bd-mlt uj-220s a dis-assembly picture of this model. A conflict between those assets may occur when the latest driver overlaps some of the frameworks which might be presently allotted to any of matsuita preceding drivers. Are you aware of where one may be able to be found? October 18, at 7: January 13, at 4: