This was done for trademark considerations. Successor to the Conroe Core microarchitecture. Itanium 2, the second-generation Itanium. Chattanooga , Tennessee, USA. Thus “Sandy Bridge” is born.

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Intel augsburg d915gag Focusing On 45 Nm Now”. Data protection engine in intel augsburg d915gag Eaglelake chipsets. Intel AH series server motherboards. Also codenamed Sandy Bridge-EP. Probably named after Breed’s Hillthe actual site where the Battle of Bunker Hill took place during the American Revolution, located in the Charlestown section of Boston, Massachusetts. Aimed at high-end smartphones. Has four sockets, uses the GX chipset, and supports the Itanium intel augsburg d915gag. Intel DH61ZE desktop motherboard.

Intel SEBM1 server motherboard. Intel SWD1-E server motherboard. ChattanoogaTennessee, USA. Successor to Cougar Point. Intel SCB2 two-socket server motherboard. Pentium D series and the Pentium Extreme Edition Gamlaan ancient city in the Golan Heights.

List of Intel codenames

CoupevilleWashington, USA. Intel DP67BG enthusiast desktop motherboard. Montaraa census-designated place in San Mateo County, California.

Successor to Santa Rosa. Intel ACNX four-socket server motherboard. Intel DXBX enthusiast motherboard.

Based on the controller chip Ophir. Extensions to PCI Intel augsburg d915gag for intel augsburg d915gag to co-processors. Kikayon is the Hebrew name of a plant mentioned in the Biblical Book of Jonah. Probably named after Boxborougha town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Archived from the original on October 16, Successor to Pine Trail. Deschutes CountyOregon or, more likely, Deschutes Riverwhich runs through it. Based on the B Gamla controller chip. Cancelled in favor of the Tehama chipset. Kiefer is Yiddish for ” pine tree ” and a Jewish surname. Possible named after Braidwood, Illinois. Intel DG33FB desktop motherboard. Intel X and XE chipsets, higher performance versions of Grantsdale. Slot 2NX chipset.

Massively multi-core CPU based on mini-cores. Grosse Point is also the codename of server systems based on this motherboard. Intel I series of server Ethernet controller chips. Reference unknown; see Northwood disambiguation for intel augsburg d915gag. Reference unknown; see Danbury disambiguation for possibilities.

Atom E series processors, aimed at embedded applications. Itanium series, the seventh-generation Itanium. SocketE chipset Whitney. May be named after a place in Intel augsburg d915gag.

Possibly named after Kittson County, Minnesota. Part of the Santa Rosa platform. Berg Lakenear Mount Robson.

List of Intel codenames – Wikipedia

A small town with a rich artistic history located on the Monterey Peninsula. Based on the Ophir controller chip. Intel company press release. List of Intel microprocessors. This codename is sometimes applied to the BX chipset as well. Puducherry intel augsburg d915gag, India, formerly known as Pondicherry.